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Full text of "Annual Reports of the Superintendents of the Yellowstone National Park, 1926"

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in 2013 

m-Lo B'XONE N n NA1 ARK 

19 2 6 

. & 


Admlniotrative Department 6-7 

1 Ceaap » . . • • 11 

Animals .17 

Lppropxd II aa ? 

Birds ( Igratory] ?.z 

Bri :'--ps , 9 

Bui • • • • .10 

Buffalo Rrnch 16 


Ca-ips | automobile .. . • ....11 

m | pe rt • 31 

Ceses triod before U. 3. Commissioner .38 

D 1 1 r Gov a Ho H 

Dcprrfront of ..-ri culture 
■ c c -> . fi v iXi-' 1 doi i ••*•••••*••...............••.• • • ' 'j 

Buroa u of Entomology 57 

Deonrt^cnt of i Commence 

3ur «au of iries 36 

■> i ;<::.- . ."' d.o Ulterior 

Inspection Jerri ce 35 

:1 burvay 

Do. t of Jur.Sice 

Commissi oner's Co rt 55 

Poet Office Deprrtment 10 

.ulu Li ; health oerviCG ..37 

Congressional Inspeotioac 38 

Cultivation of Land 

la. J ,i J 17 

' ' > - 

• - 

Distinguished Visitors 1 


Educational Division 40-47 

Electrical Department ...27 

Engineering Department 


Fis h i'lant ing 16 

Forest fires 15 

Franchi oe s and permit s • • 34 


Geyse b, Hot Springs and Other Similar ^'hono:nens.22 
Glacier Perk Fires 40 


llay and Hay Ranches 16 

Kospit-1 end Medical Service ......37 


Impr O f m nt» by park utilities .....29 

Information department 25 

Insects •••22 

Inspections and Investigations, Congressional., 38 


Landscape Engineer i.g ..ctivlties 10 

Legislation 36 

Mechanical Department ..28 

l.'-edical Jervice .37 

L'osquito Control 13 


natural Features of Park..... 18 


Opening of roads 8 


g Depnr-.riat 

?rr TEn3nt Can ?s • »31 

Perz.ilt b 

t Of fi ce De~- t 35 

3T Plant •? 

Predatory Aii mis »17 

rToperty and Irans jortation i>e .it 

-tion Depart isfe .14 

I-ablic Utilities 29 


Reports ••••40 

Revo rues •••• 7 

Hoad i Maintenance •• 8 

Roa d Xbj r I •••• 9 

Roauside Cleanup • ••• ••10 

-on i- at ion •••XI 

Snow Removal ••••••• 8 


T 1 hone Lines 27 

JraUB .15 

neportotion Company. • •••••••30 

vel of 1926 season • 4 

I 22 


Viola 1 1 ons of Lr -s 7T, 


r 3 

Wild Animals 

A&1 ..10 

J ;- : 1 

Beaver »fl 


Lama:- BPd .18 

Cold Creek-- eiic ,ri Flat u xierd ••••18 

Coyotes •••IV 

Deer 19 

Uk nr ) 

Moose 19 

Mount -sin Sheen , 18 

-call Aninals * t«8t 


Year in Yellowstone J^ark 47060 

{:..: . . :■ a Jim US 

Iioreice . lbrlght, Ju^rlntendent, 
lotruto:*) , Tyomiag 

Ifce year 1986 In Yello a to no N tic 
by nraiy outctendlng elrcunetenees end evonto: 

(1) T ore ma an 1 crenao of 33,525 visit oca during the 
tr^rrol season over tbo 19H5 aeaoon; axprosood otharalao no on 
I crease of 2t&> 

(2) An extraordinary nuraber of distinguished nen and eouen 
wore ■song the season' a *ioit rs. Iheee Included the -ocrotary 
of the Interior ^r. I .L^rt ^orfc: JU R. 11. the Ctoth . rlnce of 
.ieeden, Qustnvus, and Mt U. : . Crown .rlnoeoe .oulrje and 
thair Iloyal party j the Govornora of , Vounont, Connootlcut, 
Per Uk| >mth Carol la* , QeorgLa, Horldn, Alabama, .jontuoky, 

Innn, Illinois, ., i&BB*aota 9 Qklahoaa, 'bw " ? oxieo t fycnlng, 

Montana, I e o, wtah and ':««ell; - . . . • ^tanfield 

of Oregon, U F, Aahurat of vlnonn, J, B. Kan:. i ok of .yaning, 
Peter Itorboek of ^out;. Jekot , 3 # K. Bora*) and F. R. CJooding of 

; . B. : : obb11 of Nabroa'-aj ' . . c recentr-tiree fennel 
Arentz of Mmda, «m of ao'tn-ton, Ad«a M. ^Tyant and 

Milton !• 3hmve of '.onnaylTjala, Ch*rl«a I* .71 n tor of .yonlng, 
. 3lnnott of Oregon, Jar«o A. Fro^r of Vlooonoin, and Addison 
•dt f • t o te of the Oi I icific, Grant 

Itort^orn, Hort!»m , illeeukee & ->t. , and 

Hew York Cent -a 1 Railroads; Mr« Jo>.r. D, RocfcefalJer, Jr., 
and many other proadnent -ses at ic u . 

(3) Road Ln.rover»Bt waa greet . :d« Uhe Lak M 
and Inspiration . oint ror.d : jr:>j?cta were completed, the Fl 
hoi© Cr .^rly finished aM the Gallatin and Saet Sati 

*a ba&tn. Boede and trails wars aplenlidly jvii 

(4) ^rvice to the public by rangera and rangsr-nat «ral- 
lata and by hotel, permanent easp and transportation utilitioa 
x?ac OTrco-otSmftlly cood and p s u a yte a 1 nan oc Unanta* 

util! tiea mde many aotfcarnpintn ii i. 

(5) A mild 1 |] " litis snor : all vrild life 
no loeaaa occur "ad. Of eourasj k>ch- of nolst 

a aunner fira Canard but tl io waa sueeosafully iet by 

(6) Cleanup of IM roadsides with funds )rovided by a frl 
of t>» -ark proccodad Tory aotlsf: y and baa caused nuoh 
favorable oocL-rr. r. I t londeeape work of Importance including 
rsrwl of talspnono .oloa froa the roode nes olao compJated* 

(7) rhara *ae a ^rerter if trtiila than ever before. Uf 
horeeb-ick sertlSS Ttere on tho tmlla fo. a and July 

to Au^iat 4th over "DO nwribcra of tha .1 rrn Club of California 
wa.^ad over a large part of tha trcil system* 

) Another effort to aeoure reGerv>i» rlghta in the Beehler 

TttTtar Basin rms made by Idaho Irrigation inters ste. iJeerlnga were 
lie Id la reehington on the pl** a and a Special oenrto oomnltioo 
virited the DecMer River region In An^et. '£he national iark 
jor/ico «ind Its friends are vigorously opposing the project* 

) Legislation to readjust the park boundaries and add the 
Jeton Mount aine «as considered in Congress but enactment was de- 
layed* A bill to iapiVYe go.ic> coad.ti,. th of the Park and 
to add a auall area to tie -ark eras .xioood end approved by the 
Pnsldent on ~*ay 26th* 

(ID) -jh Juae EOth the perk was formally opened for the 198© 
season, director - • fcathar of the liaiiooal i ark :>on 

was the principal speaker at oeranoftlea apon^^-wd b., Wb&BJ int 
national, Hctorlsts \»ere admitted to tne park on )lny 16 eh end the 
first trains \7ore operated on June 17 . 

The early fall wae characterised by unseasonably cold and 
atorray leather "ith unuouslly heavy enowf.-!! for the se aon, 
ins promlee of a long, cold ind snowy winter* But the months of 
"•ovaabar. Decartber. January, r'obrxary and March wera extremely 
■114 with con.TaretiTely lien* snow . Aio long perl d. of Almost 
ustoroten nils winter tempera tron 13 unpr code::t ed In 40 years of 
. „ .. . t to-, er-turs world it Mawst sea ^° selae 
zero on January 20 and also on .arch r/j, which — the only 

tcnperntur* af aaro or b«lot duvioc fc k> wiater. Braiier, oon- 
aldambla boiow zsro weather 3Ccun*od at hlfheV elewatlona, but 
the enowfall was light, and di; -od unusually acr-y In the 

epriae, ixee** for eone of tha niftier paeaee, all t a roeAa in 
t;« y.rk *aVt open by :iay 1* April aad May wear* aaar normal in 
ptaci. pltation, but June end July wore marwdi; clant, the lat- 

tar nonth bain,- tho Mast July of record. 3» low huniJity dur- 
1 . - t .-» i'tt-r half of Jul;^ resulted in hi#: fira hazard* Raina 
begjnnlrYr on Aagiat 7, If <*d a eccl, ehowary pari I 

aid until the 8£at« - &e bar wsr • docidedly 

1 , windy .»atker with llcht prcci t .... , xollow- 

lns a storm of unusual aetari :he seitaona, a t<aayrr&turc of 

7° wee resorted. Stil? la tfta loweat U»pteafe#r tamp©-. for 

tha past II years, and wit!, tne assertion of zero recordad on -»ep- 
til if 88, 1396, it is tha lowect far ao early in tha Hall oinoe 
tne official record b<jgan in la V. i an enrage thara la only 
about ona ...epterber in aaah tan year. Neat tha teoperetira ooea aa 
low aa 30°, 

r»ark wirltora thie yaa: , *ith 

154,898 laat year, an lncre- s , . Xhe v 1 figuree 

wera 40,960 aa eonpared with 44,786 laat yaar, ehowing a decreass 
of 3,826, Uiera wra a iecranoe of 1, :te rail ra at tha 


: | • < - ' teevaaae of 8,880 

UM • m M M tMVMOi of 344 a« conppred with the 

eedi:;g imas'ji;. 27!! i;gj.e 'r. vie ore C« 

aa •aaparad vita 888 last y nr. 

The au Baaatf La fcraval, for Receding sonatina nave 
been exceeded al all gateways thlo yi a>< A Total of ol, 127 auto 
viaiuors en bared at the -snat 'La, 4C',768 it tba aaat, 19*484 at 
the north and 13,330 at t.he aouth; graai total all gateways 
141,449, exclusion of uotorcycle and. preseason vi si t 

3ie nuiaber of carp and people reported at tba various 
\relo.«j cr . • u . ■ hiring fcno ••••oh «are ladle* ted aa Polio 
laaanoth 2-", 942 OaSTfl and 73,529 ca rr.pers; Old faithful 3::, 756 Cars 
and 110,044 calipers; Lake 96,819 cars and 87,960 aaapera] Canyon 
11,448 aaia and 73,613 canpors; Iforris 1,930 cars and 5,330 c 
Madison Junction 3,481 car-", aad 11,417 centpara; Itornb 3,508 ears 
and 11*101 a«np*ra) tbwar i"all3 4,417 tare and 14,407 earners. In 
alii i aa 9 appieal <°.teiy 11,075 ca poza aaad the many cm ping ..luces 
along the ro-de. 

Jhe we3t ontrrj'Ce contiruas to lend in rail travel anc the enst 
entrnnce is the favorite pate n " f jr >t 'iota. 9am was an increase 
of 35,120 euto visitors over the total of last year. 

Tna rail travel in the w at antra ce inc'.udes 015 Chicago, 
Milwaukee and 5t. "'aul railw;.. ..•nsaangera do ivorod by tho buses of 
Ttie TellotTBtore ?ark Iran s port at ion Company fron dree r>r a, ntnna. 

ibtal Sanaon Arc vol by ttitrencea, 

: iBy talk- : : 

•^•■^nft : ay -Qytf^ • ins, I J 

Cera iVlBitara:rot r-: Viol- : Horse- : Pre- rlbtal 

: lee: vore |1>M , :.jaena ti : Vlal- 

t ; : iVlaltoro ; Visitors: toro 


Vi altera 





87,484 : 56 : ■ 

37 Jl : i.'.W) : 'va.naQ 

1 1 1 

I . ..I" 


•- . 



144 ; 1 . . ■ V013 


— -j. 



V : 7 ; .j L 



mc ; . a 


871 i 4. 

1«3 1 ..*.- . 

y : 






- : '-' » G: -' ^« 

¥-^ s, - 

, Lii 

.000. .fl 1 7. 07 



II : : 

: : : 

: : : : 

17,007 : S,70fr 30,30? : jMl.f, 



: : 


; 1,471 : 4S t __ 



ilfiiJl f g^i" 7 —i •**: ^V^ 

^ ; « 



ifrot j 7 a nc7 ;ll,Q6Q: >»- ,fcui 

4u : 




: : : 

Umt L ; ar>5 : £.771; > 

i t 



: : t 

Ibtal i 44.7.- & :^.000!l06^||t 


1M 1 180 t 1.204 

1.733 :1P4.2B8 

*?.la fi;;uro lneluflea 013 ffMtagr, '.llmukeo 8 t. i j anil railway 
paanengera daliTered from fliree Forka, Went • na, to the watt entrance. 

•a off Ice . -. ir^ the fiocal year frcw 4 to clerk* 
ware en ployed In the heado arfcora office on ajamiel eorreapeBdence, fllea, 
peroonnol, purchaelng, tlnekee „-\ , 1 ceHaneoue flnr .nttera, In- 

r.tian, anfi a ivlde ran .9 of of ilea relating to tMLa and to other 

parks. A toly 17,0; 1 iocea 1 wore reealTed and , :ia- 


•r vrl -1 - .j.- pproprlationa tad* available olnoe the data of 
tha loot report ara as follow* t 


Jon. ?0, 19,?5 Inrcct control (aAdltl nal to wport) $ 000. 

10, 193d .'-dnlr.l tratlo-i, it) taction and maintenance^ 369»300. 

T*y 10 9 LWN Construction, oarer© aid caap groundo, i . v TO0 

May 10, Ifttfl Inc-ct control 3,i 

Bond and trail eon ••.•taction V , 

May 10 t 19S6 Rood nnd trail survey© C.OQO. 

***t?fftO roDorved for vae.M n;ton Office e i*©o and • , ae 

a budget reserve* 

(^Authority ho© aleo b: en granted fcet of May 10, 19EC, to obi; 

H*5,C00 Boad end '.Trail con....- ction to be appropriated' later* 

of L94M f local yeer funds, §1000 too tranaforrcd to 1: 

National i'ark and ^3000 was returned to tha Xraar 

flavenue© for 1926. -? -r, collected firing the flaoal ?9rt 1926 

and deposited to tha era -It of Hooell«neous ■©•aipti ll tha United 

. I too Ircanury ^ar* a. follow* : 

Autonoblloc J oloa ■'-- , . 

ols r.nd C,v!!.pa. •..• 44, 

baft© L . tin?. Gta©paaf*«*« . •♦ , #00 

Worfl ^ •••••••«•••••••••••••«••••• • • l , » 

Ml aoallrneoua 313,43 


Hare-rriefl tm tb» 192' f! c 1 year will amount to apprcad. toiy 

#■•5000.00, o»lr>5 to the r 'xsobile foe 


- .jj. - ;_egrix'.c Do ,j or t .2c nt 

ftj s department id in ch^r^e of -ngnee -ill F. Daun, aided 

by Ai«ai st^nt lingineer Cecil A, Lord. 

Road KainSeca ce : JPhe Park road system c^xb <f 302 Miles of 

road design"ted Hi follows: Grand Loop 140,7, approach and connecting 
roads 79,1, secondary and roj.ds to points of intoreai, 31.5 riiles. 
During the 1S26 season, ^02 ."dies of park road, 28 mi lee of road in 
the Shoshone Forost ana 30 BtlM of real Lb the flit on Ibveal - 
tained. I\/e .ty-six cre«3 f made up of 180 r»n f 02 6ea-^G t and two gravel 
trucks, WftM g«€pd upon this work. 

During the tourist — aeo n 10? ml lea of the Grand Loop was aprin] 

t*i' , :: «lta which dried up soiae of the 

ipply, a aa man; . ;si bresiJiowns necessitated 

tylftg off ->f apri ^iiero for repairs, Ac sojaiptaa&t o^od upon tliis 


work was two fcw-'iorao b > six ;- . i . ors, and nine noto] 

■prll ... -- 3 *ly Em Ltlooal r .klers were used, A crew of 

four .en . isintained che sprl supply sy ten, replaced ton of the old 

won s -ish new 1 . xion reawooa ea:u.s, ratal - riany of the 

• 11 :• Ipa iinoa. 

aow Removal : Due I 11 and the - the 

roada of Llie park *art: o^n to fen arller chan usual* On May 3 

thp were open from Um so Lake, Uanraoth t I thful and 

^st i'ellovrstone, and .'lain oth to Cooke C fey, q 1 rk started 

on blasting out the snow in 9yln the E^st Entrance ro.?d was 

opened June 1« Dunrnven ass was olenr of onow Uey 85* On June 
a crow started to blast snow on the I t. mhburn rond nnd this rood 
as finally opened to travel Juno '4. Ihe south orn entrance was open 
on 'by PCth. 

.load Ira->r<.-vo . nt : Ihe flrot three-yoar rogram of ln p rovcuaa t8 
to roods In Yellowstone eoaelett jf IB rjjocts of which the following 
hare boon con I; tod or irill be artlal] tod this sooner.: 

rojoct , l-jlro '.o'.o C"t--ff« -l-l 2 nl'es of now conntr etion 
through the Flroh le River ennyon and 1-1/2 nlleo of reconstruction 
from the Canyon to lladlson Junction, n very 3celc .ootion of the park, 
• jjoct ^3-^a:-e ^Iioro aon <|. -Record t ruction of II mi Leo of old rood 

rojoct ..-( >dvor lioad .- ildenlif 1-1/c niies of rood above 
rojoct Ifo. 1 completed, 

ro.loct 7- oct J. -idea ^roek ;';ocd .-. 'ideal n« 3/4 olios of rond 

around 31 ff dnt, two mllea front ft ot Ihumb clone Yellowstone Lake* 

flppjoct >«a»it!.-4 v t f^lp ..<u-.- i i-JTii p, >° ndlen of roed nnd 
surf nd Jig 3 "dlsot 0onp3otcd, 

Tojoct , 11,-Inr txr-tlor- -'lnt ■< oad» -Reconstruct! on of rvl/l rallos 
of road a lonr; the nort ri . of the Grand Cmycn. Completed. 

.1 ' , /'•'•■' ■- iva brl |M latf i : the Qnrlt or River and i'ellow 
River bridflpse on the Cooke Oil *id vrere pointed the 1 : 


oarvice £roon. Xh« Iner Hiwar bridge was also rodocked, as 

MM the Lara Croak and Black tall Doer Crook brl ,,;B3. Xho Laaor 
lilror bridge woo realigned and re air d. 

i ._,;.- v . . r I M K I D ( il IUI rj i rotaee* rt 
rorodnlod late c .lax a.jsrtoent aoasea* l&e *ejn is of tho 

gMffiho-i:ia ..■••ro nade into of fl cos far tie C 1 i of Civl I BjBtaMN A 
oontral heating plant wne placed In tho baoovnt of the r >io« 

and will furnish hept for tho abowc epartrtento and • :. U\o 

throe oolls in Judge Ueldrum's houoe mre ro owed and tho apace al- 

^od to provide if fice s -vice, t - > v Crook Ranch 2 .new log 
building* ware eroctod - one 16 x 30, S3 storiee h , o »thar 

20 x 40 fo t, ries high, with a 1 -an to 1J3 x 40 feet far uoe ao 

a wagon and t ol cl. the 4 re I i . s on the lowor 

street wea renodolod and an addition IS x Id foot was i -icted on 

tho north Ado to r wide additional bedroora and closot space. . 
ooncroto basar.ent wac bui.'.t or. to tho old tort ion and hot .rater heat- 
ing syaten lnctallsd. 

-. . -\? 

Both Lendaoape Saglnooro D. R. Ball an: f. C. Vial rial ted the 
a: io oct :itos for b I ,jo and 

use bulldli II iblio utility 

~, the -:t cor | | nfer and adwiao location, wisla 

catting, etc. Both »en ^^Toted tlao to e! vi 6 


cuttine in coaaoctl^n dfch thla work. Bui 
rt -nod for the olouth Creak r<'!noi.eG t >lana iwre i»de for 
planting the I -1 Corr/^ny'n Toundo at G rdlaar, 

and od*ioe its rendered or treatment of the ground* between 
the -=h and the c : -,ntlo... 

I work of cleaning ■ tie roadaldee wae c iod 

last outrun and t 1 le fcrf - 

I*he I'ortia^lMBDth ?wject *a.; continued and coa- 
itad rriih the exce Ilea , won the 13 sad 

Tta aouta of he iero and a half J. 

the 1 : J t^r" I , Ihe real along the ahoro ■ a 

I :io bo t en Lake Hotel end Bridge, Bey vrnn cleaned 
Hey and J me. 2!iie .lbe tarried oa aorta f 

feat Snaae a I v»en Ghraad Canyon and Lake June i felt 

el«* la ppot\t)y t.-,i^royl e eoealo wh.-c of 

La, nt fee* bean the a-ibject of a v-iat amount of 
favorable com -ant by tou 

./■: ; _jt 

La depart! ant, in eh-.r^e of Haai unbar 1 "Ian 

'IgCJLna, <yo eroted eloooly with the onciaeorirn ; 

In conn; "net ion work, 

lie outo o«ra i.nd clove locwnt ♦—Id Fait r 

Built two corf rt atattvi , iins 16 fluah toilets, 4 


baeina ind two url clo. Built 300 te*le*« Inatalle4 
ft. 3 n c °<* Iron vmt , feet 2-inch «md 

I 3/4" 0.1. ' : foflt 6" wr-wr 

Cenp Roor-ve It. -Installed eonnlete cower aypten includ- 
ing , feet ft" eowor 1 o. 4 ooncroto nanboieo 
e~~t |fw -^varc and oonotr^icted tank IOC feat long 
x 10 feet ride x 3 fe«t deep, rorer. 

■■■Rtth.-OuiLt OM c fluah 

to! l 9 t weeh brjaine an! 1 i rinei.« Built 9* >. 
•quipped it t ^nd cold tftovara nafl 2 waeh i. lu- 

lled oim r t or etflrege taak heeled 1. 

ISbasio ty* extra hery leak beater s»ado for burning coal. 

~sot 1-1/r" e 1 v*ia«e is Lpe end 

feet 3/4" fnr c*rlnl?ir45 enter; also 1° 1/2" hoao bibbo. 

flni ■ Bta Cnrr.p.-Conntr-.cte^i corcrote WTegi 

treatment trrir 130 feet loir v - f let tie by P fart deep, 

rate top acceeplble by 12 er.ot iron rtinhole o 

, 6" eewer ! ^e and 

660 feet 8" sewer pi ~. B^ilt concrete nan ctet 

Ir09 ecrcr*. Ir •■. I »d 600 feet 3/4" 0.1. roter 1 I , 400 
feet 1" # 1,000 fact , , X) feet a-1/2" end 650 fort of . 
Built 3 eotrifort sfc-tlane, IneloAiBf 24 flue!, t olio to, wash 
bnelns end 1 uAvl. 


Thvaab Aito Camp. -Bui It mo ooatfdrt station including 6 flush 
toilet3 and 1 uri-al. Installed ?50 foot 2" p&vmiaefl iron pip* and 
100 fcot 3/4 n . Laid BO feet 4" extra heavy soil pipe for ".owr. 

Madison Junction Auto Can^.-Built 2 co-nfort ntntions Ineludl 
16 flush toilet*, 4 wash basins, and 2 urinals, Installed onraplo-te 
se.Tor system including one c -icroto sevyersir* 1 treatment leak W feet long 
x 10 fret "'ide and 3 feet deep, acce^ible by 5 cast lroa *nholo eor< 
Laid 850 feet 6" sower pine. Built 50 tables. OoBBtruoted 30 foot con- 
crete screening tank. Laid 3,000 feet 3" galvanised iron pioe, 300 
feet 1-1/2" and 500 feet 3/4". 

£• - : ooq^ ito Control. The mosquito situation in the ,'erk waa much 
improved due to extorsive ditching and oiling at the Canyon, Lake , lower 
Foils, vest Biunb, Upper Basin and Mammoth. 

3. Garbage and refuse disposal. All dump '^rounds cleaned up. Una 
and glass burned, buried. Garb.; -e not eaten by bears, an »r f trash, 
and wood burned. 

4. I lis cellaneo us n Installed vacuum heating system to heat 4 
building:; and chief civil engineer's office. Installed <ne Ideal water 
t-ibe steam boiler, capacity 4,450 square feet connected to 1,400 square 
feet of cast iron radistion. Laid 100 feet 5" steam uain and 150 feet 
of Mao w >od casing for Ofl ntean n.i .3, 4" thick, lined 

with asbestos and I I feet of Adso -<ood a si '■• for vacuum 

return linos 2" thick. 



Htm permnant pereonnel of this department conalate 
of the oMef ranger, 0« r. iring, 4 aaeiot-^tD chlof 

rannera find 2C park r- -^-ors. Ihere wore 2 vp.eandoa In the 
PMMHtM wroonnol nt the optolag of c'o L9M to rl I 
ooaoon which were filled by tenporory appoint;*) nt a: 02 
temporary park ran gar 8 wore ndtiod to fcho f\rce m Juno 16th, 
mking a totnl sum .or atren~th of 83, 

Xhe flrGt conference of chief park ran flare wee itold 
In sequoia National -ark on January 15th to 19tL, 1926, 
Chief Rancor tiooilring attondod trio conference end presi- 
ded, no c nir in. .11 M ION tf --.e Still tt4M ari: 
ranker force -ore c Hod in conference, at headquarters 
at tion, on :iay l^th to 1411 , 6« Bbe mnoar uervlce ia 
con: idorod to hnva been ."greatly benefited by theoe xaooti: 

winter act! tlo .-;c<*ular and op acini lb wore 

raade throughout the f- 11, winter and spring seasons for tho 
oboorv tion and protection of rdld life and the natural fee- 
turoa of the park. Other nctlTitloa hare cone 1 ted of the 

ture and ahlpnent of buffnlo and elk # predatory ani y& 
hunting and rehire and maintenance to telephone linca, 
buildinea and ooui snent. Pwo new Ion; buildings hare nlao 


boon orcctod by rancor labor ot the *Tim^h Crook hay ranch. 

ftjJM F r-cti-,-;tlcr .«?tro. fioh and traffic «troio; in- 
form tlon, guide and lecture norvico, compilation of tr vol 

tiutiea for record purpoeee, ecominicatlon service, chook- 
Ing entrance and exit travel, oaap grounds duty, oUce duty 
end a side range of other duties in furtherance of the con- 
venience Gnd yleacuro cf ;f\rlr ^luit^ra, 

f|crefit ilroab -fncre sxre no !breot firve of importance 
v.- ■ ■ v : ..•, nltlMi fit total of M 3 ill flue -*? o - 
-ilr-hed by rangera during *® tourist MOIOU 

Ipi). o^ptruotlon, nflgtennnco end, li^mr»fi£S>--- 7 . 
niles of new trail have been built, oonol 'ting of a nllse of 
saddle horse trail between Conn Hoaovelt and the Yancey Ranch. 
Piia tmll leads to lot 1 >oints of interest Including a bearer 
colony end Qarne - p 4 4 miles of horse and foot trail lead- 
lrif fron the Heart Uike Cfjbin to the susaalt of : - . ridnn 
nn3 3 niles of foot trail known ac the "nature trail ,, at Upper 
Geyser Basin ind 2} niLoe of new troll on Crevice Mount- in. 
Jhe total troll nile o, exclusive of gum trolls used on patrol, 
is 671. Jho e tiro trail aystera eae cleared of down timber and 
re;)dred; t ie work consi ted la y rt of several hundred foot 
of corduroy, a permanent horce bridge at ^hoalone Crook, a 
parutiuent foot briige hoxobu the o.nnel betaeon Lewie end 



m fi an ail atre< hh Mha If 

fr«a Fount- Id .Faithful, dhoe one 

Laka, p is Loka, lieor ■ -2 the Upper Tol lo-sto . 

atlsc activities thio yonr, rrt 
MQpfPr ir.'.roB f r 1984 and 19S6 are re < rtod we f 


Tbted collection or VI c 

l eg Cron park enters. •••: 
AMfeer of o^ *n col in pc 

hatched, and returno<} to ark i 
«at?ra, or planted aa oya^ •; 

Tubrl mr.lw of fish ;:*ntod : 

I B - i I 

In park... • tl 

Montana ■ • 

v •: 
Hant-^e •- ••• 

Jm L..A*& : l?f* 

: : 

• • 

# • 

^ 9 ^j4 |0p0 : 11, 740*000 ;17,CU) ,000 
t I 

: t 

'-. « '.» TO : S.P91.Q00 



, , , ,vjO 


60,000 t 

■ mm m m^mmm*mmm* 


1 fisa plants for .veer : 18, 

" - •' »d to : 
polntG. ... •• ••••••.•: mm 

Ibtfd ©£gji shipped tc *a 


• » -• 


• tiee at ^ :e year hare 

1 ot**d In :«rt of the oare and kne? bard, the arectlon 

of a new mohl>« shod 03 by 32 fast, and « no- »l x lo 

feat in alae. *ixt joe van Installed tan .^ water In the 


ranch house end other buildings involvi.v; the laying of 1000 feet 
no hundred croo of ;io-.f land bMN b^on plMMi tMI I Ui 
foot of nov? fonee built. Other Activities have convicted of re- 
paira and maintenance to buildin^c and equipment and tho harveet- 
inc of the 1986 hay crop which la eotinntod at 500 tons. Eighteen 
buffolo vrere captured and cmted far ohipwent during the year. is 
hundred and eleven tone of hey ware fed nt thlo point during the 
yonr, leaving a b~loneo of approxin»tely 400 tons which, together 
with the 1926 cro >, nates a total of about 900 tone now on hand for 
uoe during the approaClng winter nonaon. 

,:..;■ a ■ 

Wild aninal and horoe feeding ct the slough Creel:, Yancey and 
Gardiner ronches during the year accounted for 76.79 tons of hay. 
Ihere waa very little wl]d Till Till feeding at these point a. iho 
balance on hand of the 1925 Uay crop io 2G4 tone. 2he approximate 
yield this year at the above nanod ranches is MM tana, uthor 
aotlvitlea have consisted of nalntenance and rejaira to buildings 
and onui^ent and the orocti M of two new log buildings at the 
olough Creek Ranch; one of thooa buildi r^;c la 16 x 30 feet and two 
atorlea high and the other is 20 x 40 fset and two stories high, 
with a leanto 12 x 40 feet for u-o as s wagon and tool ahed. 

? _ : . - 

IVro hundred and forty-three ooyotoa were killed during the 
year aa compered with 100 last yerr. 


: . : 

Obeerrntlono oj : life, gsysere and hot springs activi- 

ties *nd forecte hnvo boon no do by ths park naturalist nnd by 
rangers, and are briefly reported no follow*! 

lldnnln;;! condltlonpr -Wild anirmi and forage conditions 
have been good tJrrou^hout the yer.r. 

Buffalo. Lasr Hirer lisrfl. -'lhe herd totnl on April 9, 1925, 
we* 644, consisting of MS nalea (bulla 162, atoacra 161) and Ml 
fo:y-.les« Jho U**\ ftf MM LMI ttXf •©.- vans I-'jOj Sjkftl | a <.i*d 
totrl of 764 on October 1, 1925. iil^it bulla, 1 etoor, and 10 
sows novo been shipped since October I-. t, 1925* 3\ro bulla and 2 
•leers hare boon killed beoauno of fntnl accidental injures. Sen 
bulla, 3 stpcira and 10 cows ccn,;rioo tlis t >til losses during the 
year* Die herd total on April lot, 1926, too 741, n dch, together 
v4 th the 1926 calf crop nuriboring 105, nates a gvand total of 846 
buffalo in the laraar : j iTor Tord, 

Duffnlo«-Cyld ^reok oilcan Flo to Ifcrd. -'lhe total count duri g 
the year rmn 65. Thore has boon no apparent lnoreaae and the herd 
totol Is ootimted at 125. 

v.-:'.-.l -- ". ■ m .- ctvol C'-y:i\l.. vi | |BI itwtsr and o ring 
ecaoora total 217, ms compared with 195 loat year, The eotlnatod 
total within the park is 000, 

Ante J. ,*? .- As largeot corn .red during the year wms 49f 

with 417 for ths year .receding, iho Lord io in 




excellent condition; the annual increase this year should 
brlnfj the herd totr.l to appro ad to.-. Is ly 600. Ihere too a re- 
ported lose of 3 'urln- t>» poet wlntor season * two were killed 
by coyotes ani. one dted frora natural cnuneo. 

Maasa.- TSs actual counts of tbe past winter season total 
100, | | teflpuel with 170 for lact yo 121 for the year pre- 

eedlnc, tat tsneee fl^tree are not considered as ind' [ a de- 

oreaae in the nuinber of raoo30 In the pari:. Conditions .Toro now 
as favorable for meklriC oboarvrtions qs during the two preceding 
years* Severe weather and fttwf snow offer the best opportunities 
for moose counts; last winter was not ohurac toil zed by oi u.:or. 
Overs was an observed loss of 4 fxon natural eauses duriag the year 
and 6 rrore unlawfully kii:j»d by hunters In Idaho nt points near 
the perk bound/; ry. Store lr on ectiuated total of 575 In the perk. 

Ds«r. «»lhc largeat count c-.oer.rad during the year was 798 cs 
oonpared with 602 during the year preceding. Jlacty-nine war* 
killed by huntars r nts adjacent to the par??; 7 v7ere killed by 

ooyotoo and 3 died froa natural cornea. Caere Is boliovod t be 
not leas than 1H50 isuls deer in the :»rk and at nearby points along 
the T*3 sfl Gollntir. lliv-yrs. 

The reports concerning wMte tail dear thfit Mve been bad 
during the year have not boon verified and it Is doubtful If there 
are any rerrinlnc in the ;ark. 

j£Lk,-2xcellent weather nnd forage con itiona have pre- 
vailed during the past winter easeon and elk losses word 
eorreapondingly slight. All repxrta indicate an unusually 
large calf oro? tfcle year, lbs loaaea fxoa all eauaea during 
the past winter season are indicated aa follows: 304 wore 
killed by fcuntera at pointa adjacent to the pnerk, ao compared 
with 1288 leat year* lfco tot-il reported wl ;t ?.a waa 15 

aa oofapared with 347 la at year* 2hroe died fror? aocl dental 
Injuria a and 76 were shipped to &am pre •ervos, public »rks 
and aooe. Ths total loao fron all causes waa 488 aa eoaoarad 
with 1708 laat year* There waa no seed of crtifleial feeding 
olthourh e few tone of hay wore distributed in tha vicinity of 
the oik eorrel in order to rake tha required nunfoer of captures 
1 ahi nant. Appropriately 1100 tona of hay will be available 
for wild eninal feeding at the various hay ranches in the park, 

it lo believed that the ron^e has adequate forage for all 
requiro'enta of the elk. lbs aatinatetf total of the Yellowstone 
elk, exclusive of the Jaclaon Hols herd roaains 20,000 booause on 
aeeount of the raild wi tar, and the foot that the herd waa widely 
eesttored, no ecunta could be nede; however, there ah ou Id have been 
a fair increase in the northern oik herd. Xhe fi T»re 20,000 ia 
baaed on actual counts vde in April 1924 and April 10n0, whan 
nbout 14,000 were seen in tha northern pnrt of the park and the 


watersheds of the Gallatin and Hadieon ltivsrs. Ifoverthole.-jn, I 
fi d it hard to believe that there nre so raany oik In theae 
sections, aa ray own observations have fniled to conflm tl* largo 
fi,~uree. In the Jackson I:ole roGion, tho Uiolo^ionl survey of- 
ficials Mati that there -re now about 30,000 olk # a figure whleh 
also saana hi(5» to mm The Jackson Hole hard enjoyed a nlld wl 

there la a larrje aaounnl.*tlon of hay available for the costing 
winter. The Stew* of ffycnlns has opened the Shoe Lake w 1 n to 
elk hunting and eon© raooee may alao be killed in the Jnokaon lib la 

f low* 

Dorro f hi pel: p int? bro»m f - Beerr; of this species are eoraeaonly 
s*an throu^ r-.t the ark end la tec t aonnti Lndleewa a t 
maAw tottf VI IM fyaajaa at alnti of LaAevaai tin • Mm Um taai< 
This mirfcer Includes 14 cubs. Iho tot -J. nunbor of block and brown 
bear In the ->ark is believed to be about 225. 

Bears. ryi^sly .-rtocant count of bears of ihio a. oclos ere in- 
die- ted as follows: Canyon 22, Lake , 14 ItMtol 5, Thumb 2, 
t tal 37, Including 16 cube. The m;;o--co of grizzlies tit other 
points here boon n-<ted fron tins to tine <i rlnc the tourist season. 
Xhore in believed to be not leas than 80 bears of this species in 
t'e f»-"k. 

Bsawar. -The range and extent of bower activity is increasing 
from year ta year end there appears to be a n ml annuel Increase. 

•at fox aro abund^as; thoy aro fvvqooatly seen by rtr-gora on 
viator ncaeon .>atrol3 # tleodolweirs, poreupinea, badgere, oto. # 
are aaauroua at oil joints. 

IJtoeJfcUS-LLl--* ""'"' "* * nd (B* 88 * have been on all 
pork waters* dmai have appears C at interval a il«H the Yellow- 
stone acd sandhill cr*n*a h*ve bean noetic at S different te* 

:-.-.;, . . <j .> - av • . t Injurlooa &e .1 :i ■; >f 

-ark timber* t?* a.Jiiiee budwora til the lodge :>olo pine na- 
have aaueed no dataafia thla year. \;\;wently tkoy have, 

ike lodgepol* fiAedletySa red at Beat Y;li:> ;ator.© In about the 

aaa* nuabere a* Ifttt (MTi 1 control It, a str of lod&opole 
from 160 t; :::•: feet wide on oaeb aide of ton a* lee of aafta and 

?«y ana aprayed between June -oth and July 10th. In 
gaaer-jii It aay bo t at ineeet con<!ltionfl In the Perk forests 

are uuon bother Han for the 

lftafllll lift il'lnil'^ w™ hot spring baa ©ir&od f rou the 
old i.*ietive formations en ti» appeal te aide of the road 
iiiborty • nee f ti on of do>jot t overs an lrror 

area varying frost 88 to 35 foefc ucroos on the uopar IotoI which 
le five to six fe t above tie ground Level. Ziio is the first 
aarked eetivlt) in that alar osr-lea of old fomntione for 

a period of at leeat twenty yeare. Jupitor ibrr 




ity at the e a and* Angel xbrrnoe vma very 

actlw end beautiful the oarly part of the season and lutor 

I oon-idernbly. old Angel at the iii after lovel lias re- 
0.... • c IMM( Ml | I - • ■- M I 0f Wtel If Ifl .i | vt 

r- ce. 13.^1 and Lerrr.oe has loot none of its Vitality 
of 1985* rfound Ibrrace was oven MM aotive than last cveaaon 
but tha activity of t rv& hao boon nearly a neg^i^lbla quantity. 
Oronca 3prtnc 1b uno:»r.c<>d M4 tha activity of tha Mto aephont 
continues to abift south worC. «ea Itself is quite dry but the 

upring at the base of the Devil'o Siurab ie quite large and the 
water vor- 

i'torrla Geyser Baalfi. -Constrjut Geyser reused Mtivi »,y on 

loth after an ox-tended oriod of quieeoenee. -V:0 first 
observed eruption of :>ad - . , a:*. ,..e sense, t, ooeu rod on 
June 85th; it jiayed to a height of 00 feet. *ha next jLoerved 

I n occurred oa August _ it flayed again on August 21st 

and lac dace been active at a of every few days* Valen- 

1 ^lays every fo.r da^-a at lrrOtiaLa, Qm . dnufee MM 
Is notice b y weaker then In the Bjrlcg* Ooxel and Vixen are, 

on the otter land, very active, Mai* eruptions, though small, 
nre fro'ueut r. flew Crater Meal as 

ISs ateaa of 3L «k Growler is now ulepsrsed through oeveral 
openings and the roar is ro .r.r.obly less, although there Is 
practlc-dly n? c. i^e In tie teapsMture (£04° F). OonsMI * and 

.-ufca the raaet opeotncular ex ibifc of Dm basin. 
Jagaat vas Marked by noticerble lncrenoe in ther ty 

over I "Oodles ;,auth, ; .'M-e that has coincided quit© 

..• Tfith ft* reman Ilea of ioJ dry 

period of July end aarlr Anr 

, *r Soyocr . . ;... -. . tho 

avereQe 1 '81 nl:: too 

Mid <.»iv*reide 00 /Forage i to: f ? h< InutM* 

Lone ! i otrory tv khe W ■/; ot l^oot one* 

every 24 .' r . ©» Castle had only one netlve 

on It *K 

: of 175 feet. hat V?en laying 

ago interval of 

«• and Beehive ntnee , e 

folloro: - . "uery 12 , y 84th KB 

bcr Jecarabear 1st, March oth aid <v>tenber 14th; 

Beehive • Dion* or t , Angae » ond -o_*odber l'th. 

. 2he i t no of Giuntoaa on 3»c;rt>er '■■ 
its. bar 14%h .*er« char eateri red by great Tonar and vigor* It did 
not dioplny *ial pooer on J*reh £Ot% 

Ojc I end only observed e- , 

te In Au^ao- 

In thoraal activities, throughout the baain, during late 
August end -eptunber, sihich was no doubt largely influenced 
by the increase of rainfall over preceding nontha. 

Ho narlasd changes have boon observed in the geyser and 
hot Oiwinr;B activities at I.-O'Tor Qeyser Basin or at Sairib of 
Yellowstone Lake. 

i::r.-- -■■ . ... :..:?? 

A total of M t 8M people visited the information office at 
headquarters during tho ooaaon. Conporo this total with the 
corrected total of ■, 8 during tho oeaaon of 1925, and 50,077 
during the season of U H » A total of 106,049 freo publications 
were distributed at the lafW tcft&oa office and r? tatiom 

during the yoar and 6,630 nt publications, including 1,008 
portlfollos v7«r# eoldj ©on.. ore tbis total sale with 0,089 Govorn- 
nent publications, i-tclndlng 2, £91 portfolios disposed of last 
year. In addition 1, . ; 7 bjoka of otler publishers were sold* 

Lect ro ervlcc. -Ihia service at Hmaoth Hot djVlngs consis- 
ted of three lect ,:ree each evening bof .re audionoos totaling ap- 
proad. rtoly 50,532, Loct ires wore similarly conducted nt Old 
faithful, Lake, Canyon and lbwer Folia and were attended by ap- 
proiiTRtoly 04,052 persons at Cld Faithful, ,07 at Late, 14,168 
at Canyon, and 703 at Xbwer Falls, as compared with 72,160 at 
MHnoth, 40,232 at Old Faithful and 1,194 at Tow* Falls last 

G uLC.o i: .-Two regular (Tulde artles were c ;ed 

taloo dally ower the foraetiooj at llsxraot 'inga and 

Old Faithful. Special guide service was also fumlohe: eee 

pointo upon rerue t. Jtaturo guide service was also conducted 
on rof> hodulee at ?.lear.joth Hot I I ', ,odiaon Junction, 

Old Faithful, Yellowstone j-alce, end lower Falls. The 30-oon 
total of all guide parties Curing Che season of 102G Is In- 
dicated as follows: Memoth Bet Jringa, 11,406, Madison Junction 
1,464, Jld Faithful &S»t£0» Yellowstone Luke, S,90£, and ibtrer 
Falls 1,103, ns coopered i th 14,050 at llan oth tot Springs 
iMt at 03d Faithful and 1,1. I fc it t /alls Inst year. trail. -During the height of the acvson raore than "500 
parsons stopped ench day at Old Faithful* A car -ful t?tud f 
the situation by tho Chief Jieturali ot shows that the I ranger 
nat rel 1st guides at this point could not roach but 20,; of the 
visitors. In t or to servo the others -ithout nd'lng to the 
staff every feature of the Formation Trail and B" c aid Irnil 
wnn conletsly labeled with all av- o Inforraatl o . 

at oach point Indicate the routo to bo followed. About tuo 

>s of foot trail was built t atlon oint, Jolitalre 

Geyrxsr, and lany other inter rligs of this region, ftile 

loo. trail, eubsidi :* to the two formation trails, has been 
develood as a net re trail, all flowers, birds no to, trooe and 
otter feet reo of the trail being labeled for th» visit ts. 

aioctrlc ■',-. tor.-i. ~gio following table •horra the total 
production of the cwor >lant and dla >Otfi%ton of enrroi. 
oonpered with at liar date for tho floeeil year 1985. 

The peak load for the yaor was 804 kilotratto . c 
vrith 164 kllowatio last year* 

: 1984-8? : 192G-SG 

Total proa ctlon in kilowatt hours 
-*ol I j .orators 

ConaurBd for atroot lighting 
Balance, conejand by Govarn'fcnt build- 
■f for power and lifting, loat 
on 11 nee, etc. 

: 600,030.00 


479,467.33 : 503,374. 

■felo r .-h^po oyatoc; ..- ^.rolve uileo of near line wore built to 
Bachlor River. Ihlr-y-one hundred old polaa wera re oat on the 
Govcrrront inoe in the -ark. :>ixtoon alios of new telephone 
lira* ware eonctructed between Horria Junction and Fountain rnngop 
station by the Yallowetone liark Hotal Oenpcay and the IJr.tional 
Park -arvlco. rwanty-flvo-foot cedar *>laa and two aix .iin fir 
crocenme were used, end eight wires were .rtooed, wioh r videa 
t-7 •'.H" 1 . 1 lc circ t:; , end r,o imM U asM L| • r -'c 1*1 
Cotn;.>any and tho Ifetioml ark .o vice. Xhls new lino wns loca- 
ted out of ni ~ht in tfca tl bar Ttterover onaibla and permitted 
the dlansntllng of the two old 11 nee thot were along tha rorylelda. 
there rT9 370 nilee cf toicpJ.ono llnee in the park, 96 niles 
-rounded; 263 ml lea natallie, and 36 tiles jhanto .. 

- Alia :.. ..: :i.,>. 
the direction or t:* toner d and Master of £rans~ 
portatlon 28tt© tcnn of materia 1 # •qulpneflk, and supplies were 
pyyfed fxora railroad terminals to hand- unrtors. JProra hood- 
quarto o 11 trucks Ttere Operated through the park supplying 
rand oaraps, construction etc* £« alloaes of 

the trucks was approxinetely 73,005* A naxttaom of 10 ran 
"re ■ ■'ed la the i re] ou o mM ll the kfMSpOVtitl - I 
A total of 98,009*84 ton ndlee ware hauled. 

. : . iff 

The rneohr- Lrs to oil trucks in 

; vorhnuled all trade and GovermD: - ri^S care t 

froidh.tors. Caterpillars, air oo.- rs, etc. Dm Bleekssdtn 

o-Torhaulod rl 1 dump waa&na, road graders end anall or.ui rjent of 
all klHSg and did horseshoeing* '.inter activities in t:is deport- 
ment consist of completely overhauling all trucks and rood !aa- 
•hinery, end all shovels, picks, axes, etc, are roknndled end 
sharpened* In the saddle shop harness, tonte and other canve.a 
and leother equi^jent -ore :«tohed, eswrd and ot bervlss re, aired. 

- 1 t'l -J . . . 2 £ 
23* ouster painter nnd his ub: i pal Jited tho roofs of 
all buildings at park headquarters site the exoe t i >T rod 
tile io . .11 sV-oi brl the park ware nlntod ri 

>ption of two brl' 1 -OS between Mannoth and Oardinsr and t!iree 

bridges on Tbmr Fnllo rood. Aoproxirriataly 000 new alf^xa wars 
rinde, painted, ro .-.iro<l p.nd touched up* Moat of the tine dor- 
Ins January, February, March, April and J!ay was civxi to ra- 
docorr.tinj: interiors of b :ildi;»c s at headquarters. JSjpee oote 
of quarters wore finished throu#iout, also two new nets of 
quarters for Bagineerinc Diwioion on..loyaoo and of floe building 
far engineers, Miscellaneous work of ell , 

etc., in paintahop. Vnrniahod all floors at hospital* 

. . .0 .;. . 

Yellosstor.e -ark Hettl Gor^any.- - ofch. : crent teal of 
work dono on ran 'Voting of hotel in way of pal 111 g and now 
equipment - shads a t 11138. etc. a: u three roams and two bf 
roasa to Mr. 2&ehols' residence. Hepeirs on l4cDonald and Liudslef 
rosid <ncoe. Installed ass b ic range and transformer and 

■star In iir. feUi'l residence. 

. laithful.-An engino af 1&. . . wan in.. tailed wlich will 
coro-cto lifting of hotel &o~. . tool Had new 75 i 
stand and awitc'.-.board far cauo. Put in 00.; crate washing placo 
for oanc and other similar utanailc. *ed sswar e; tan. 

rbonrtof ao.ine fqp buffet. frnns] m bur: 

vod end placed on foundation. t a new war Tire li:»o 

and 10 2-etree-i - . t. All euinunicnt^r xlnes to 

all rooms vara rswirc.: -..-L , f wire. Installed 


0" galwnniaed iron .1 o li < I rojorroir. RoijcxIoIikI en. 

Installed outa do fir© protection* a great deal tos 

done In the way of pa and roors. I tall t of nin 

building retflrgled. Additional fire esoapoa inet- lied. 

Lake»-Htw mangle and other new • 'in lnun . 

' ed Tilth tollet8 and ahotmr be. 

<3l<3e fire awoteetlc tailed* Hew storage reservoir bui t. 

, etc., lr a n .r^ber of roorae. 
■•..- f of 3 otel «aa ;«inted» Now rooms for kit< 
crew built in basement, ?Jew of /'leers' dining re I. entire 

drain.'-o cyr.ten ir. rear of hotel installed. A great deal of work 
was done minting, eeloialng and renovating roens and hnlla in 

Yellowstone arl: £t:-l rt ,t - ] r.v. .-Grr.rai.Yir.-rtnlohed 
-. , a til ibef Mad ftw^a mMum wdor construction iet 
yenr. urohased 20 Lincoln Cvira, 1 ibrd runabout and 1 i 
truck for lino crew* 

Id F«ithful.«»; loved bunkhouee to new 1 > Ion and started 
eroctln of new drivers* wash house. 

Canyon ••Henodclod drivers* b.:n!:h-xise and built now weeh 
house and started addition to neso house. 

Yellowstone /-ark post 0oyos nj«-01d bont boose torn own and 
new one, 20 x 40 foot, built. Hew warehouse built. How speed 
bo*t, 2 new not 1 fee end new rowbop 

y_ .. -?Jsanoth «-4lasK>delod emplo y s as* 
dorraitor*e # I ; all taBVeS 1th luster, and built li _or- 

■anent atndotisi built , md twalwe It I 

feat, all lumbar loigos, In iwtlic au tones! Is earn* ; oonetpjcted 
an addition to i't. Goodwin's quarters, 1 taly M) x H fe I, 

and an . 11 lion, 10 foot *ldo by 60 foat Ion,?, to horao barn; 
poolaoed upper p>irt of laundry billing with now roof, approxi- 
:;-. f ..U; IS fe t d<1 by 7 PMl "l > . . 

'. r~lt • ^. -Constructed a laundry bul.Ming, 16 x 30 

fact, for <nrloyeee, and fxam* lodges (1 r. 20 feat) and 56 

log nnd fwn lodgss, 1? X IE fe t. 

Lake Camp« -Cona{;ructod. In the Fishing bridge Auto Con©, a 
lunch counter end dollcntesaen build! g, T- d, consisting of 

t wings, eoc : de by 60 feat Ion-, and Installed 

an lodger. , whicl were novod from the i 
tlo Lnke Camp tie newest part of the rain building, which was a 
lo - ntruct re 48 feet elds by 110 feat long, was entirely re- 
nodelod, the dl. being newly flnlehad, the kitchen newly 

equipped, and baths, flu^h toilato, barber Sbop, dlapenaary, etc., 
lnatalled. Ihe following additions to thio building wore cexx- 
cted: M the n.rth aide, n b lldlng i0 fset wide by 164 feet 
It whlc -ee guests* dining roor., part of the kitchen, and 

the employees* dining roc .; an ion, 48 fset wMo by 80 feot 

- .:• adjoining new bul 1 nd in rear of old bu 

bouoea bakery, jantr. , otoror am, sjsal refrigerator, wage t bio 

room and a port | a but for a curie 

, foot wide by 3c , | 

jioo off tbe lobby; c. ' 20 feet 

, , '.on 00! , 

l-... . " f ice; b .1": i • " \- '; i ' V; :" ~- , if 

.*; :• .. v - ' - ■-'. . , !■ >n -r" v: "• ' ill J B " ' < 1 'eat 
-tide by 130 fe t ~~oag t on the oouth end p t uaad ea 

a r hall an;! ho 3 ana* 'den con- 

ouae 1 , Pi | 1 now liner, room 

3 of log and front , '\ feet »*dde by 45 font Ion , b 
and fren lodges, 1' foot, 32 log and fm;rae lod£ea, It 3: 

foot; built 4 now fire hone houaen end •quipped them *1 
for fira protection; converted acM of laawl Lag build' 
i > > nn e -, i 1 tirnery tubs; constructed 

a from and loc bui 1 ' x 15 fa ninr: dry, o,>lit aood, 

. •• ..tructod a bailer house, 30 foot vdde by 80 foot 
., 3 log end f c Itifaai, 12 x 80 feet, and 37 froraa and log 
12 f e 
fifJMlJ8ftP **Tfc - ,- ' .'ted builill )•;; and •, 10 

faat aide by 3d foot long, for bat built 

unnax in roar f ' »g off en, Id feet wide by 30 

fe<-t lona, for ^n Icyaaa' dining ' ' 1 

crbins, 12 x 14 feet. 



. . .• . gfrft r - • 
•te«- -'aanele aawlo/eoai caii 

bull dlag i^ Ifei i i a> u& - yi ^ra, 

SO feat wide by 4? foot long* 

Ihurjb. - ... :• vrere jutcJ t; yide 

L&e for the se of ho jekeapins lodge? in tho liibUo *uto» 

. | Bnp| kIdo a b«ai :eon wen e 

operated; oonatructcfl L> new o&sr&e aud board lodges j bo^an the 
cone 'j ! «i bulldinc untov oateaaen, 

L*abapee% cone' fci ' ;o f e*#a bei ag 84 feat aj 

feet long* 

j_ "■ . ■ > ■ ■'■ . *-■:■ • ■ 

- 1-1.;: .Md iron jix* for hot enter 

^ , ■ . . . _. - .» roan 

to ac . •;■ •; ' bouo 

i *. on etore 


. r ; . t rl , t .- 

*et t and delloateaae. resent building « Oontnanoad 

Lag »t' ' I 40 foot .-: 

tod entire 


latino. in nm? 

itjoaif i .« lr and 


una at 014 Faithful .tibllo auto cry.;. • 

.—or fc ^HtaflMl T%i\ ^urlo Jhoj . - .xtena iwe improva ;ent a 
to DoviL'o kitchenette on terrnoeej painting and impromanf 
to can;) store; .iow parking a -co rorided in front of c 
so, nlao minor iuprorsmenta to a hop* 

Z. ... ..q-jod. ofilclrJ. Jhotoaraahar. ^AiamTOth.^Inatftlled a 

4r-inch Simplex ironor in laundry* A plank sidewalk, 4 x 30 feat, 
was laid outaide the dormitory* Inotalled 4 a tool filing oaaoa, 
4-tler oach, in office. A cement aidewalk, 3-1/;: x Id feet, two 
pieces, was laid out aide tha shop; pM ic drinking fountain in- 
atallod. A sidewalk, 3 z 3d foot, was laid outside residence. 
Borkofield filtor, capacity 30 Gallons per hour, and one Inter- 
national filter, capacity 400 rr.llono or ho tr, wore I ed in 
the labarotcry. 

Canyon. -An International filter, c .;• lions p«r 

hour, and coa^ilctor were i: ad in laboratory, .ublie driii 

fountain Installed outaide • 

Leke.-Iiew counter a and cabinets were inntnlled in shop. Ien 
illunir.ntod outside a 1 owe n no a, aacortod aizea, were placed 
feitliful (4), at Canyon (4) and at Maa»th 


On February 13, 19E6, the secretory of the Intorior o.^.-ivwed 
a new franchise contract in favor of liaynes* . icture w»ho.>s, 

U Ihie contract runo for the oerlod Jenucry 1, 1. , 
to December 51, 1045* 

... -.. .. : .:.- i .. ..'■ ■, . J 

Bin, John 7* Usldrun, OoanisBlonor 3ince 1004, jro; 
tjCO .1 ,;.o feel ll M c . vo tails tho yor. BMM HM 

Sfi convictions and ? acquittals. '. total of ,500 in flea, ex- 
culaivo of coats, una iuixwcd. iharo wore -1 earns Involving 
violations cf traffic violations, 8 cases lovolvl:^ vlolati 
of conp fire regulations, £ eases involvi nig violations of the 
Federal IfetbMtte* ct, 1 case of trespass and unlawful hunting 
on ;«rk lands, 1 oass of alleged raps, 1 coo of brooking and 
antorlng, and 1 case involving the char go of dofn.elnc aeyosr 
for .~ tior\o# 

■ - .-• ^ ; i 

Receipts showed an lnorease of about 5.'.' aver last year* 
Increase in busi ess snowed rlnel pally o gsaernl delivery 

rtrssnt, and the ocr-ler cs around the | ark# 

Indirection service* -?cr several seeks duric the sum or, 
octorc Charles L. Cable, ilaon ... Blossota and Jh-ridnn 
Ferroe n e in Yellowstone ark oxaialag books of tho public 
utilities and obeorvinc their operatlone and these of the 
Ifetlonal Pel* Service, Aa.*. - - -, r. . . Durletr, 

a*ninirjtr*tiYe aaai a tint to the ^ocret ry, eoooa ^nied by 

C' iof Inepeetor J» F. Qertlnnd, vial tec' tha oark on imitation, 

Qooloplcal survey .- flip u nnl inspections of mtor gouging 
ot-ti vna vara nnde ro y during tha sus.or, and work was be- 

gun on V)0 inatnllntion of a self-recording gouge on tha Gerdiaer 
River, nonr parte head uartera, 

.__. ]M 

Bure ___. solioctlng at Lake Yello.jetona and 

Fish .Lake was ber/.m early this ye >r owi v to disappearance of 
anow and ico. Con. it? i or. s w«re rmch bat tor far c ion of spawn 

at i-r:kc Yellowstone than they vera laat year, and a better taka 
resulted, lowevor, otter i c: iko, and took a lares* 

toll of apawnlng trout, thus rcducinc tha ool > c^l .;\a of eg#i at 
thla point* iho total e&r col octiona for tha aaaaon wan 17,000,000, 
of whie I, 4,000 Tsora batched and planted ae fingerllngs in tha 
park, and ,%C57,000 ww plantad in the eyed etago. Qhipai \ts f 
•gga or fry outside tha park totaled 8,494,000. District ^aper- 
ri;x>r C, F. Culler s in had aroonel cliarge of flah ouitural work 
in Yellowstone. 

- : l__ 

1h iMlati t acvHaff ef fcgrls Lt :*o, Ron, (. . :>;.•. in. , 
vlaited Yolloetone ark 11*13 of Ju , LnelttslYe, 

or.t - - tr e p u^.^llr, 2. E, Fletcher, tho 
In charge throughout the year, and aade 

N rts to uo on leather oonditi 

U 3f .:.', a.;..:.-, .. - i . . -.;. flur^O Of this 

ag'in ob duty In fete Park et ;ctc nd directing 

con-. . jrt undor onoihar heading aho»o that tho 

In oct rob Lao ia not nearly as oouto now as it was tvo years 

•. - - •" . - , - ./«- .-. . • 3. , o >' :*, 

vielfced tha , ,?lc© during tho cunrae: and gnwe r. vice 

ran for const notion of .:■•• it ' loa and i 

of eanp grounds. I»o assort a to • 3 laser was ossleaod t 
3 year, all sanitary work being in oharas of 
linn Kg. Ins. »' o tibllo Hssit:. -ervioe continued to ': 
■MtOtSAt Ml eon i:. -.o pi rt fcC lid la SSfl giTit T|g BOS it] • 
^r. M» a. atrloklaao roci -,.od on February ;-3, ltt"6, aad on 
iTebrucry . Italic J. ^ Gauffer auccoodoJ htnu 

L5 a , Tar reaignad and bo was suoeoadod by Jr» 

tttfcaii .>. ftr dy of Hsbraska* 


In tho bos/si tr-1, laosad to Dy. 0e>. . Tlndaor f ivincoton, 
Ibntnna, tho following oenes wars Oered for: 00 accl .onto (37 
minor, 83 major) j 82 ourcloal opsrstions (6 ninor, Id nnjor); 7 
eont- HI wa; 107 nick. A total of r,015 wore tr© tad In tho 
botol and cm? diapeaecrles. Reeidvnt .kyclcio. '"er at 

to 116 office c -d 14IS ! la* 

Carrylne out the recoewendatioiio of the residents 
OoBmleeion on Coord i . tin botereen national arko aid tntlonal 
Forests, eat forth In laet yoar'o report, <>ci*qz ry ork naked 
the Cioinaan of the i^andB Garaaltbeoe of tho J. i>« >ounte 
and tha Bax*Q to Introduce depart a ntel hi 11a pr^vidi c for the 
edjuctBBnt of Yello;etoi» ark's boundary liner: to confom to 
natural feat rea, aid for adding tha ibtcn ounteln area* 

. i8T ana Introduced March 5, 1926, and ,11.991? ml prcnantod 
to tha Kou5>o on March 2, 1926* Henr' a»e held on tha latter 

bill T'areh 86 and April 2, 0, ?, 17 and °,4, and on the Baa 
Bill fcgrll 27, 2Q and 30, 

Durlnc tha tearing, Idaho irrl * tior. lntare ;ta *io were 
active in , saw an apportunity to try to nocuro tha 

Beettlcr Hirer Baal- rervoir 1 an amccdnent to 

tho pending; bille elinirwttac the baeln from the park in she 
boundary ro-Acicr.. Ine fight un thia so-cnlLad -jcolth toaandrnrvit 
held tic billa in counlttoo, and neither one was ted out* 

On Jul- 2, 1226, tha senate -d Reeolution 235 authorizing a 

y of the .'i-otile:: on the ground and on appropriation c: 
fop.e iuuc i >3f a apodal eubeomlttee* August 10th 

to 18th, aanbere of both donate and Bouee -ublic • ' Oxnltteee 

lr r*. o> ChuiiaJi, V. . nator . . ."loid, 

and Congreeenan . , , visit* She ix 

convr of tho . aul , 'age ei. >ect.*T the region 

feoted. I «aa absent In at the tl » but ao bly«nte<5 by : x. J* X« IJsynes, - Dirootor of our nueeua, 

end by -nrk Rangers Llek and 3!c!--nell. 

On Mart , , nowd \ibllc H . , 

"at. -ct to oaks additions to the Lbsaroka and Cellntir fettaasl 
Forests and the 7el lactone Hstl - , uftd to 

e •..; t r feedi & facilities of the elk, an, -her 

game animals In Zellowatc c ftational Park t and adjacent lands, 
and fox* othc is*" Ihle iejialj.tlon ;»feo the way Tor 

eotcbli hlng ndequate winter feeding grouado for j\rk animals 
that at ad the north boundary* bllo spirited cit irons 

led by Mr* Shone* in and :ir. Qeorco •• - , ve sub- 

eorlbeO a fw of ronoh lanuo In the 

Yollo otcne TnlJoy north of the , to be turned orer 

to the Federal Gtovarn .ont ,ioa of hay end fv>r 

winter feeding grounds* Sha . . » rsJsth, of a fcsly 

-, - s#res, wac -.aed In LtoYerieer 1955 and has since been 

as rone : elk and nntelo;** Oth 

be purchratjd thio wi.itor but frienle of the park rt o are 


in toil M I ■ boll "ft! tht Fader tione ahould 

be f orthooadns wo ««dd In the peculaition of thia paropc: , 

and it la likely that fareaef legl elation to thl ; and -sill 
bo i ouaaed in I m c alag aeaelon of Co n. r oe a« Q c . ,c 
aaedud to eon lota I act will coat n oroxlr»t- 20 , , 

- If of which will be e ... 

bay ware rnioed on the a rench thia year* 

G2 ci .;< .... •. ... 
• lot I war- rod to Glaci r Park by the 

to aaeuaa chorea of Mat fareat fir© fighting work there. X waa 
on tba flrea for three aae-.e, at an Chief Hanger . -. 
-»nu aal .tn t Chief 'ar'r: I'.-i c . ■ : >f .o.*.i'.< - J ... ■' , -vi .,c .'. o 
BagLaeer F« C, Vl .t ond the Glacier rork or ^ felon. £io laat 

weak of Aasaat I vinitod Hoek sJouat. i.i (Baa , , 

aad iXiatorton Leaea Nation ni. r a La taai » ret * to 

Yollo "tono heaAqaar*ara Au 

a - i i 

Xbo aeeanpllalejattte of the Edueationl Diwinion Murine the 
peat year fell lo^cally into three aubdivinlona: 

1, 2he eare ful plan o-tion:l progrmo rar 

the parka eollectlwely 11 aone IndlTic. 

£• Ihe aoluti to all 

the parte oueh aa the roriew aad preparation for prlntlnc af 



Bat dcwolivxsflnt of at 

annual for Yollo»jton« t thus ■oerklaj out principles whlob can 

t - ' 1 ir. oi 4 r voitHSee • or -anizati n 

and x :a:t or the he- ' ■ :rs of the ' 

at Berkeley, California; and other Huch sxtan ivo activities. 

3» I^o 03t''blislu*sns tad lr :v?y9"i»Tt of oducntionul work 
la individual arJrs i i lung ration >f activtler 

Lake Reti -.. irkj enliiting 00 • i.-'ti.u tr 
individuals which rcc\;:.tod In t 'material an.'' vices 

i cverel parts; securing of s g m tr a nn 

lue of rcveral tbounfead coll n for Yoo aid Cr'ter Lake 

National Ir.rhe; couctructl. m tf uceuci exhibits for Yellowstone 
::• tlo nsl axles inr action a 1 s*k in nunrrous arks 

.he ostcbliehnont res nature trails, a wild f lower 

garden and a raiaeuo In Yellow Lonal 

' ■ ; i , 

plan I , ,i > 

the broad educational plan ao -jjvc<I by you in September, 19C5| 
plan licstL the ional activities as follows t 

1. I . rfvH- \2l 

D, Info? . ti ... ain- regular m. Sjsrs 

'. • 
C, .1 .1 - .ib; \isunl nateri-1 t 

I points of &ol -ore s. 

Si .di g special " ■• 


tellinc °f educational PCtivltios In the 'arte* 

1 ::• 

3. lv rf -ark jwl I s, bot 




1« Melee 

NpM It* I a MMBMI 

I, VI..: 


B. : les 

i » ■ ii i ■ ■ i i ■ «■ -i p ■ » « 

3* Duildtlrc f\». .-rtlas 

i). Cooperation and -ion service 

• : - ; ,. 

".Uifllnc :««3r , , 

"loner g«c 

3* /JPbO.TOtlBi 

C* i-nbollng of treeo, flo-rere, oto., in tl* fiol '. 
D, Cut 91 a 

j* •: ;••: :~ [ 

. Tt'lH life at; 

13. '"',."■ Of 


tSugmla in - x> 

>a, waphlbio, :to. - Iarrnr' 

:: .. __ £? :. . 'i . . : : . _• ; including 

roa torn ti one) 

_ : I ^ ..' _^ .J L ray 

k* liaturo "uidod trips (ranger naturalist In choree) 

B. General information trijo (regular rancor In charge) 

C. social cuido trlpo by visiting specialists* 

. . opul r LoCvuro:: by MfcUM pMi N I o ' a 
3. -technical or o«r\i- technical loctureo by visiting 
special! eta. lAnnouncanantn of lecturee and o-dde 
tripa -jor.tionod undor (1— ii" J • 

10. ^ ■•- . _^ /.»V: I 

A. Courses for the training of nature cuidos. 

B. Courses for the general public. 

11. U! IV-. . ■ ^_ i 

in. r. 

Chiefly dependent u.xai cooperation rrlth vlaiti 

aped t11 -i tn. 

A* Jyecial visltore 

B. General coo:joit» tion, ate, 

C. Pageants, etc. 

Your approval of the principles not down in tils brood 
educational olan officially o.'it-bll lied t!» Sduc ti i • Division 
of the National lark orvico. H io educational ojanry alao sets 
forth the dittos of the Chief liatircliat, pork naturaliata and 
other educational of: leers. Thm keynote of the .leu., however, la 
tho - .Jul for o c I . ivi io! park. fhle edu- 

oet&onal working plan 1 vitally necessary fcr devel w nt in 


individual parks fcr the following rejeonai 

(a) In order to euauaii ze the oducntljncd p >s.ibl .itien and 
n perspective of all educational ema* 

(b) In orUur to provide for a gradual and logical develop- 
no nt and, 

(c) In ordor to plan a bu got which will aooumtoly list all 
nccooaory expenditures whether it ie expected that these erpenlituree 
will bo nrtde by government appr iion or by rive. to cc ;ion. 

Careful attention to the for miction of theae working plane noana 
the applic litn of business efficient a ^ill result in the 

success of our educational work, 

IXirinc ths puat year a jreliniriary educational working plan 
has boon developed for Yellowstone liationaL ark and work has been 
done upon similar projeeta for both Yosenito and Mount Rainier. 

2he educational activ tUs in tin national parke were 
thorouc'rJLy dlocusoed at the auporlntendonts* oonfere»eo in Lteaa 
Verde ."otionnl aik in October, 19E5, and at the first ohief r users* 
conference in sequoia Iiationai ark in January, 1MW» 

Duri r the a t year mica time has been devoted to the sec *• 
ing of f. ice euipjont, toolu, and other e pplieo from the Veteraae 9 
Bureau, the United Jtatea Jr.ippins 3o-ru, the Bureau of ;ubiic 
leads, nnd other govarnaont organ i cations. Thin woo a necessary 
prellioinary to zsueeura exhibit construction, anil even of loe »rk 

r.t the headquarters of the iidnontional Division, fli co no ap- 
pro rlntlon hcd boon r^ede for the ©quiijnunt of theuo hendqucrtorn, 
Equipment to tie value of several thousand dollar a was -ooured 
and nuch of it reshipped to the Yooenito IJueeui anfl to Crater 
Lake Motional lark, 

ocial attontlan has boon paid to the eet&bli& »nt of a 
reforo.,ce library at educctlonal headquartere and In individual 
parks. About one hundred volumes, secured tbrougi oooperation, 
tare snipped fra-i educational hood jartera to the Yoaetnite 
IJuewura where they nre in use in t v o library which has been eo- 
tnblinhed at that _>oint# 

Zt> nsrk of Garret x>l f -agsont Mestar for the Notional 
Pork service, na k© ; * in closest touc 1th that of the 
JSducational Division tiirough frequent o .iferances in oan Francisco, 
Booldes the loreer I rio^l end allegoric- 1 ^.,^nnto prod cod 
or written by Mr. oln for .-ocuoio, Yooemito and Yellowstone 
iJation 1 /arks and W innacloo Ilatioru: . .>• t, anot or t o 

of entertainment «es dovolo od as an ox xirliont. A e+artar and 
vo-y HMMlli a li Mi -ri'.ton C>v xoli •> ; ..t j.c, U W MJW| 

to call attention in an incidental b ressivo way to the 

educational opportunities offered by the Natlo:ial ark owioe to 

tor the first tools had boon r colvod at Xduootional 
headq artoro, the oonatructljn of rausoun exhibits woo oorrled m 

by the Chief l'r> P naolet'v.oe and oreoa of other 

duties, however, greatly delayed thio work* tVo portable worling 

aoftels of geysers, each or- ftlag to a ''.eight of two and one -ha If 

feet . ly every minute, were ,>roduood and 6 

TollowHtono national ark for u^o la tin ISuaeun and in the now 

Branch Ifueeua at Old fell 

fiia estobli-h\.u . a aotiv.^i i. or Lake 

rational nrk ^url^j tho -asfc oe<. the direction of 

Dr* Loye Koines Miller, - A how urges* is the need for each 

vork In tho a not uo yet take* 

aoml -a were augr.iented by the voluntary 

services of tLree oocpoteut asoi.. tints, bj that we wore hie to 

offer dell ed flolJ tri a find lectures to toe t i o:< .'bito 

of out wil Ti| t to a .all Htiueun and to oomi/llo c 

lietr? If the a^ssels, birde and flowers of Vis re&lon. 

^eonel attention of the Chief li t and tersral raarfcere 

of the Yeliowst' a eatfcblloh- 

mt trails In -oclon. ore we 

ware f tai g the stupendous nt ,<a. 

peraoae dally .71 th irvloei two ranger -notureliute 

vie* 2he Formation Ira il and the 31. *1 Besln Amil 

wars, therefore, carefully labeled win. .'.» geological data 

t tomld be i Had by the rangar-natorallsts. ional blta 

of natural \ let nt, I aen loop tr t 


- Jbaervati d4 deYelo-od ae 
PMfJklj an poooible no c ro tra' , 6 with the purpose 

of replacing in any wa. the i'.r.r.tion trai la but to .«ju .pleaonfc 
them* Joe wild flower g.xcen and bmneh museum started at I] 
. t ui n will w ulro additional ov© logout noxt season* 

In ox&ulnlng all the aceorapll shunts of the Educ tionol 
Division durla; the past season in rotrou^ct, one Import 

iljaion uttaido e fee tfor* all otters* In the devaio.:»nt of 
definite C<*lhil< , in a»2 of fjoaor. 

educ tioncl activities, in dotailau war* in the parks, in museum 
eonatruetion - in short in all of tb» many oducrctlonal nctivitloa 

- procrosa la limited by thn Luck of adequate anslntcj.oe and will 
proereos in co 1b jrovidod* 

[ .a, ■'.£ 

I was fortunate in belnr ble to ran oh Yellowstone ark on 
junt> SOth, in ti..» for tba foxnal openly eereraonles which war* 
held this year at the north ontr r.oe arch at Chrdincr, the 
toroinua of t.a Berk >otrn .acli'ic railway* 

Xheee oercuonl*:, in which I had bean idL;iily asked to partid. :.te, 
were arr&asjed la cooperation ,1 bo of Montana and the 

Bsrt.ern .aoi; ic hallway* A large crowd wee present and the of:' lr 
was Tory interesting, c-.<lorf ;1 and altogat er enjoyable* 

Walla the for al oponlng waa tin one roeoiYing the attention 
of the roes, owing to an extraordinarily early spring, c 


id til their jwu ears ami oqulp.jto»t hau been viol ting She park ever 
ainoe May lMh* -von tna high peaoae la .<y<*ulnet w aufclf 

are not oleorod of snow until nearly the al&dle of Juae f t 
your adult tod leaflets before the fives ox - . .hare ivtd 

been a 'very open wintor In no:>t of the eastern states, and in the 
Yellowatoue ration little anon fell after December l t 1U2S, I 
causing an abnormal deficiency In aoie;,ure. 
vantage of early park o.oning to visitors, but likewise see 
reepouaible for ur.ceaelve duot oondltions and bad fire hazarda 
during the aantnor tc follow. 


The month of June had not yot closed when it been;:* 
that the season of 1926 in the Yallowatone eos to be union coden ted 
in number of visiter 8 to be ontertainod* It see Indeed s re 
IsjeeJttVa fesV SBI 'u: i ttr e aau of .^,i-'j vleit .-a jyut iMf| 

, is year as ooa^ared si eh 15>i,2S2 last yaar. I uro see 

sj per) a^i ..t - tie jo ... tr vel u w r ., Dates, pel *lj N UN 
feet Chat few Convar.tiaoa vara held in the west the sanaon, 

but tbiire was r*n lnersase of S5 a in the nucbor of viol tors 
traveling in thoir own Cere* 'ihe tot 1 number of motor! ate wee 

"Vhen -39 eto naidor that each of tol Lowet ne' a 

notoi-i. w3 cc evoral ti ©a In the park, the problsa of the 

National e*wiae in caap grounde, to tor, sewage 


end garbage a, t bl« f wood, oto, can be nore f 

appreciated, tony mi-rLoto, of course, eujoycc ea 

tela artf lod^eo, but , prof en 

their tents and u?j« their own Co 

upwards #f 4.0,000 i.dividualo used the various /irk oanp grounds 
In the course of the sua 

.-_ . ; ia 

During six seasons we havabbaen building eacp grounda and 
equipping thea ztth modern aanit-ry fseilU- Ling water 

eyate.iB, t'-blee, corafort static , and other ncceaaary enuiiraont* 

-cgreue was .irua cnia year, new aawar ayataaa aad die 
tnr.ka being constructed in the exeat /iehlng Bridge automobile 
canp, rnd in the ner and beautiful raotisristo* c*fp et a loon 
Junction nt the coj ^ of tha Oibbon and Firehole Ilivore* 

All ot:. c-< tout! i«re a?-t^nded «.nfi improved, btt we 
did not enti8fnctorily neat lb rf nil or tha eaaapere rt ha 

hairht o<* tha neneon, aad next year these fecllitlaa for eanpera 
met ba greetly or 

\ r : ' n ic 

Ihe -^ibiic -s .ark »de nany notrbla inirovewnta 

aWtV oro~>ertieo # Xhe - ^pa en<: rr atrud , 

forrdng a part of the enomcuo plant o Yellowr ; 

IV ' ' , wero coti'lote.- 4 and placed 

in uaa early in tie ye r. 0-nre of tha grounds will 

flnia . r • it 04 'a o.>eiiittng 

f nc 1 1 a. 

At Lake Yollowctv , | YjllOTjatono J r>?k Cnt.ja Oampn 
rebuilt nnd Yaatj.y - nlarged its tafea Urifea iN»o lx: B of loiga 

.1 <M wero built, one on each aide of tie old lodge oentr 
bui. 1 . -i I ' LtahtA, '••'IB otlv • anuoo- 

<n and bat s. '.: .. and axtaaei ••.ke 

o . onl ,.*.-■• Ml | • . ' Hilt 

- 1 U'o Cejtpa 

•«ny aloo built edaqpett and attractive at -or: o* the 

3 arid go. Old : 1 and *eet 'Xtarib canplng gco-inris . 

, eafatarla arid le ilea tee ae 
a houaofcoa :lng unit in the liauu' - rrou , 

eju: jlreilar unite at four tJHpi in the Q 

vMHra installed w r iy progma for lnot >n of n new 

aorvic far tha ca: 

Tha dovclo-jsont of the houaalcaaplnc; units In connection with 
is and oofotorlaa eirea xaCLlowsto r ct 

oa off oorTlca - . o -. , : lot, v..e bouaakr 

-nero tlo vlftlt iia -w ao tha Of*: , . •' 

j o.-t3a>fl a novo aureciay ciiaouaBoa^ m«n tin 
wo- 1 qm v la .ii eupplloa aril o 

■ ;.\iYc bean rido along aevar .1 line.i *oa t 

curio a o a en 4 t epaoe procluiee a detailed 

acoo r thaee bettarnenta* 

.. J? ..- - 
-lon«U. efficiency, and we now ar 
aerv .-ncnenfc b* 

Aa tD service by the public utilities of the 
In par a P way for the b« 

aervie fanf aver f ed t and c 

'4 IsBnsiv^iy toward tii» ■ , V 

c nt t < 3 range/o, by thai , 

od every vialtor to the \j_.-art- 

aen% was Inter ootod In than and waited their trl.w to bo 
l pblw« 

. -. t . 

Rooda, des-lfce ry euci <■ , la fjeei She duct 

nulaanco, were isl 

d artoe..i 1 to gjre?\t orniilt 

e • edwaa co- I -.:■ with * 

i . • sfrc:a ' . - L !.e ware jplawed 

evar b r. r*ce 

alao oont railed the i so w i] L 

■r fire 1 

*•-?*» : &£ 

Yello-atona National nr T.ya fortune te in having araong 

lta to avenge of visit re many am and aonen dlntlnaiilshed In 

buoineeo anil professional Ufa and In the c >ublio norvico, 
. onored thio year noro ilan uoual by vi of grarit proninonce, 

ineiu Ing the ^ocret:ry of the Interior, Pi. 1« B a fci.o Cr -wn . rlnoe 
and Crown ->rinc©ae of -wev!on, tho Crovornoro of nineteen ntateo and 
the Ibnl twry of Hawaii, seven ownboro of the United State* .*>!* to, 
an equal number of >j ibero of Congreaa, and the pre fce of fire 

crent railror.d ay t ona. Xhe iuteroot which there influential 
viol tors hero tr.ken in do Yello., -atone a«l ot or rka ia wry in- 
o iri .-, and it ia e ciaUy plonulnc to now th-.t these i ion and 
women *ho ore oo oonpetent to . ass Judgroont on lor a Oovern nt 
and business operatione, were Tory f vor bi - impressed with the 
Meaner in whLoh the Deparfewnt ia conducting tho n tionnl parka* 

. . : . . .. ;. -•. - ?, r: ,. . ux 

Faltfc in our ;x>licioo, iIbm nd oi'S?nnel prompted a vory 
public o iri tod and sonorous binlneea man of New York to of f r, 
two yeara ago, hie aid in ar telling cortnin very I t t 

landoeepe w rk in Yellow-ntane r.rk, He ant oil a tho o loaning up 
of the road aider: of the park which ";.nd been 11. tared years ago by 
II bear anfl bruah out from the richta of w%j i d which Tore 1 
unaigfctly and clwayo tl» aubjoet of unfavorable criticism t 
first be had oxperinenta conducted to r.occtrtwin coats and acenie 
af facta, and upon decldine to proceed vdth the work on a large 
eeale, naked the on, orinte.xiant to oubuit to him pro J -eta oneh 
c:t.r-ciic approxi , telf a ^o MHI*! I .^ibio :iOo . lid • .t. SfWll 
of these projects hnv* reoolvod hi a approval and alnco x>. teabor 



1024, aporoxl:; tal] 1 ,000 hava boon appropriated by this fine 
friend of the pork, and nearly vl3,000 have beon ox tended In 
road ciJo olean-u.; bot.TOon Jtocwoth 'Inge and iforrls 

Oeyaer Bnsln and along the shore of Lake Yellor?otone. Ihs work 
now in progress lo along the Grr : nd Cnnyon-Lake YellowBtone 
rood end along the Artie t oint bronoh road. The moat difficult 
work la already ooiaploted, although it will be aoveral yeare 
before the ariellor >io>ot3 are flniohed* Our benof-ctor vieit d 
ooveral nntlcaal purka thla p*?at ai.xwc, iaclading the Yollowntons, 
of courae, and oxpreooed great ontiafnctloii 1th the v»rk ac- 
earapilnhed under hie pro^aal s» He hes authorize 1 the continuance 
of this landscape activity and bra also offered to aoai t in 
slnilor vork in Crater Leke Ratio rk. la intereat In ; 

park has al id him to discuss aid to the national perks 

alor.~ other lines whloh it appears Congress will unllkel to 
■adert-' e or even oon^lier. 

One must see the Yellowotone rcrd aide inprovonont to 
appred'to t.-hnt t»in work insane to a park. The effecta obtained 
are elnoet unbelierenble. Ihe nero removal of the litter con- 
stitutes a tranafoxnotion, but • f tor the cr. ^or and tne 
following sunner'o sun hare done their art, ono car. 
realir.o that the .ighuay )ias not boon renoved to a new loc ti 
lha grasa and flo uers anions the trees and al .ng the roade pre seat 
a truly park atmosphere that did not exist before this work 
was undertaken* 


Aelds frosa the beautiful effocts of the road ulde 
:, this new activity has profoundly influenced both 4 /:rk 
ejeploye a and the travelling pub'JLo, and we have noted th- ■ 
greater ear la being taken in Yellowstone ark to avoid throwing 

era, cone end other debris along the highways. Itaed loremsn 
axe especially Interested In keeping the roadsides clem, and 
It In no longer difficult to mice them eatsblioh borrow i»its for 
their raaintenc co gmvel away fror: fc.e traveled routes. 

Other landscape activity in the Yellowstone that deserves 

special ne It this yc&T is tho continuance of -he vrork of 

reaving the telephone lines fron t:e road sides, Ihe ifetio 

lark Jorvice and the Yellows to ;ie otel Company coo rating 

have now removed all UUMM between the park headquarters at 

J-ierxioth Hot Spring* and Lake Betel vln Geyser Booin and 

the Canyon of the Yellowstone from the rain highways to swaths In 

the tiii>er and to o.on apace.* a considerable diet. ".ice away. 

year's work is confined to couple ting the -.x>rtc between ifonis 

Basin and old Faithful, Neea work of this character will remain 

to be done in the «nd will be carried on as heavy oaln- 

in «ork, be can se nearly all of oar old lines aro^L oor 

oondltlon and require new poles and cross eras* 

All of tM Wttk is approved by our landscape engineering 

division el.ich also dev fc :uch t Lou to the rtid 

•lesn-up project*, an iota cutting In oonnootion >4 t 

especially at Ifc- l»S« 

£1t MHI pP -^ - 

Closely a HI ad to these landscape improvements la the re- 
location and betterment of t.o highways of Yellowstone ark. 
Ito absolutely new projects ere under WSf In thia park, anO with 
the poaaible exception of real Into the Bechler Mvctr region, 
I doubt If any new roods will be built In even ti» rc^te fut 
'<e nre over, ".skin;: Congress it ru>*d oonnt.-uction in the 

Upper Yellowstone country and in tho ftston Mountains, ohould thooo 
regions be added to z 10 .ark. 

the other hand, Yellowstone's pre-sont rend system needs 
Btteh revision and l:iproTomont v and some ado< .i? to ust palliative 
mat be found or riding over the e highvrays in . lid-sun er will 
be a niaerabl ar lease* o oat aimer there 9^r^ 

tt net; maen the - ...aipable d*ct hid t ha reed aides from view and 
lag aire. gMntll -Is . U I ITS i lOurlnj I i.o ,:o i; llsfgiuml« 

ess oarried on as neual but it b effects on duet 
quickly disappeared* 

Road pro Jb eta oarried on this year included the eon io.i n 
of the Lsks -hore i^rlve between oat Xhunb «ke Yellow: I 

and Bridge Bay built t Inats the heawieat grade ss 

Qrend Loop jystsa • sigh teen pareent ; the Inspiration .f»inl Hoed. 


a now high any replaoin? the narrow rood o3 bo wcet Dlde 

the Yellovrotoue Cnnyon; and cert'iin new ncctions of rood in the 
flaws* Falls district, ly a mile of now highway to etrifiod 

IVee. rrojecto begin cinco ny loot rop Tt wero tho /i whole 
Cutoff, a now highway alo.n • the Fire " ole <irov between Msdleon 
Junction and ths Flwholo Cancadoa, the reconstruction of 9 railoe 
of the Cody rorid between ^ylwnn uahs and Arrbld r ^ake where the 
highway le now narrow • nd danfMNttt on account of r-nny curves, 
and e snail section of riew road In t Vicinity of the Buffalo 
Hath laade noeeaoary on aeoount of ho nee fcy for extendi ag 
the hay fields In ttr>t part of Mo .« . 

lac new section of on the ?1 resole l-tivar li belnc 

constructed on the aljtoet t idnrde of any used in the* notional 

•: Service but the boa to canyon justifies the v 

great attention tfctt 1 being given to details of wall and fill 


Tory f-r-.tify : . ng progreea wee taedo In the -sxtonsicn of our 
nature oducrnti^nr.l vork Id Yellowntor- t io veir. In the 

fir 1 -co an eecon >llrh wnt or great i cs wee cora letod 

before the season opened. Thin was ths prestation of the ranner- 
naturalist's riaaual for the use of m sore, ranger-nature list* 
ant ors in the ^r . \ io was oooplled unfior the 

direction of J. !■ a nea, uho is nerving as \ctlng Diwctor of 


it it ta| I ■ ••• r.rtt n iMmv 
tl&n tLe setiefaetlou log .•,«U a fine co, 

15*e raenual hu proved to be l.-.val tee 

one of to 1 .. awe la t>* literature Of rrotont 

elallar Renual co Tea- 1 of the pejfc Is 

beiiig oro-Jcred under the su.jervifllon of C^ief Tloturc: 
A. F. ' el L. 

IXiring the oeaoor. ranger naturolieta were et ti ;nod at 
Uennoth L-ot te t Yellows to* Lake, Old Fei , lion 

Junction and Cejo? K * cenerol 

orvidon of the C.lef Range- but tin le . , and 

i loo service ens conducted *ith the adrlce of r« Heyfleo 

and :. . . Oca -, the . ■ ranger -nat t «f 

experience in the teaching of general* 2br 
masher of \ioit-rs «ho ca.o in oontect /1th the riiiger neturullote 

■ :..__ . c j ..'.;.. ••■■:.. 

Rev fee euro. | ie dot rice included refctilar 'ectv.rcR on 

ee-logy et Old faithful, a ' I animal life, fish and fieh- 

ing, eaoh : tie L» ;el an: the Lake Lodge end 

peraannlly e nduoted o: c r i £h the '.'ion hatch<*ry each 

morning, lcl'oral to !ke on ben re . *altfcful and Canyon, 

en J ertended nal re hike >ja x>t v t .j ri 

All of the fen-'iraa - , no thone 

inaugurated in aot years, were LeaYlly pet 
enjoyed by the tnrellne ublic. 

At the old Faithful c -iter est t roe nc.s-.ire trails 

eonutruoted, one over Goyser , mot .or no Blaok Jand 

Basin, end a t iru, t pure . ml ic^rcy trail, gh the 

eoOkle on;_t of Flrabom -iv r« t have boen 

aartosc, . doac 

- .■ ,i .. . acj. ■• -if 

treec, fio-fors end otnor lnta.- I JecttJ. .1th 

e trullo it will be 1 i tot ■ vo perk visi'. 

• thorough under at- J.di:ic of tie natural feature-; of the jeyaor 
baein than orar would aava boen praotic bid -,i tu the two ranger 

zmHati available at thu I 1 . -. 2 regard the nature, In* 
tim «. i •- ad • luo -i nal hoi . >f c .l. : a. ._• i .i ... nd the 

;;ars lu i'oli*. « ia josr a;; ..or thy of greet oora- 

andati ->n, 


I had heed to be able to record In thlfl report the f i ct 
that the Yellowotone boundary revision bill had been enacted 

t the leton nourit- I mde e part of 

ttHMtfttnc ;1 , Far I vlrsber it appeared 

that t v .ia Tory I '•tent Ls{£al r :tion aou.ld recaive the approval 
of C-.n^rons. Vory favomble hearinga were laid by bot' 
onnte and House ubllc Lands Commltteoo durinc the .ontha at 
Marsh end A^rll but the rovlval of the plan to .-laoe an irrlr tlon 


re -on- 1 - T - Hit Bh«l n in the iouthweetorn 

corner ! the vvoct* the rwrinure. 

TtdB irrlr " i ■> I o-.-cf vre a* the 

r jo raieh of >ur til-*© in 19R0 and ltd. t 

it «ma pro?>eee4 I ! reeor^oirs in the jnrtc, 

TW M todtfr >e»f to remove 

appt feeljr 12*000 aerea fron the onntml af t and sake 

thi.^ Mgloi available fo" n r eee g rolr« li toge aoa taken of 
the f >.ct I hat the -TeUowsto nftary cljuatnent bill eee pand- 

:ro r "-' to edr! • th 'won bill, 

*:ly the >a»eod a *e» the 

'.t of a Jttb-cccr4tt*e of the "ssnitt^R to the 

BecfcUr Wtfet '. Mir Jon of -3,900 wee made to 

eerct 4 - r o MtDencea .on ln# I 7t ifiold 

and cavtral narfcorff of the ad raaor- 

L* . ■ - 3enotc t 

pejitered I : rv. * t. 

, o^ to the dellnitatlon of the parte 

for ar.y arrjardol purpoi . •*© be it irould be a bad pre- 

cedent and altfcaaf) el *11 t .ho final const der- 

ittee jf the bill to aij oundrjlao of the >nrl: along 

nrturM ' ae a park atnaie, neror- 

; it !■ i rtsnt t ropoaed amendment be thorough*? 


. . i -at* tim end, U . , 

wlMther «*rk lands s 1*11 bo u& - OOMNrclal 

-rwor of tut ..>r 01 cotijlu&a ooAMmratloa of - ark 
for ali L to oon»« 



SlWsA Mil Watt 




J/'?i}*rt , » 


' [, \f/ ■!■<•{'• 


■,'"'■' 1 ' .» V